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Chinese Medicine with Acupuncture Needles Bellingham WA
Ping Liang was born and grow up in China. She went to Chinese medical school in 1979. She has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for more than 20 years. She came to the United State in 2000. Ping Liang lives in Bellingham, Washington.
Are you looking for a more natural method of dealing with ailments?
Why not try the ancient art of acupuncture? (Chinese traditional medicine)
I can help!  Many insurance companies now agree and cover my services.
Let me help you to return your body to the natural health it deserves.

Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine – 5 year course; Doctor of Chinese Medicine(1979-1984)
China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Physician for 10 years
China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Associate researcher of traditional Chinese Medicine – 10 years concurrently
I currently hold an acupuncture License in Alaska and the state of Washington.

                     Please call today for a free consultation: 360-933-1761

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Ping Liang, EAMP 
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Bellingham | Fairhaven | Whatcom

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Chinese acupuncture in Bellingham