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Patient Testimonials

Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Patient Testimonials

Acupuncture for Frozen Shoulder

Having never tried acupuncture or Chinese Medicine in my life, I was somewhat reluctant to give it a try. After I developed a frozen shoulder (where I could literally not lift my right arm above my shoulder). I decided to give Chinese medicine a try. (My chiropractor had no idea  what was wrong with my shoulder). After several treatments I was able to lift my arm again within a few months I was able to completely raise my arm up over my head. This was a very frightening thing to happen all of a sudden and then to be healed 100%. I could not be happier. I have since visited Ping Rice for other minor symptoms since, such as sinus, flu, neck pain, and headaches. I could not be happier with her services. She is a wonderful Dr. and now, my friend. I would not and do not hesitate to recommend her to all my friends and family. -- Shirley, Alaska

Acupuncture for Balance and Wellness

Ping is a knowledgeable doctor who treats the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. She speaks with you and intently listens to your concerns. Then she performs her medical acupuncture treatment. I have been coming to Ping for two years and she has successfully balanced me and maintained my wellness. I have witnessed her personal care with her other clients as they enter her office and I am exiting. She treats her clients through her brain and heart. She will tell you what you need to do differently to increase your potential. -- Gaby, Alaska

Acupuncture for Numbness/Nerve Pain

I started to see Dr. Rice in fall 05. I had Peripheral Neuropathy. I had been in the Mayo Clinic. They could find no cause and they had no cure. The drugs and the pain pills only made me feel worse. My feet were numb and the numbness had worked its way up past my calfs, knees, and was starting into my thighs. My fingers and hands were also effected. My calfs and feet had convalsed for years constantly twitching night and day. Most of that has all been reversed, there is no more twitching. The feeling is back in my legs and feet. Currently we are just working on my ankles and feet and progressing nicely. My balance is much improved and I can pick up items again with my toes. -- Jim, Alaska

Compassionate Care

Dr. Rice has excellent techniques to treat numerous problems. She is very generous with her time and very thorough. She not only treats symptoms but offers sensible and inexpensive solutions. She offers genuine care. Dr. Rice selects and monitors her staff closely and maintains her office efficiently and makes every visit/appointment comfortable with outstanding results. I highly recommend Dr. Rice to my friends. -- Debbie, Alaska


Acupuncture for premenopausal symptoms

I have been seeing Dr. Liang for over a year now and she has really helped me with my premenopausal mood swings and hormonal imbalances.  She is a highly skilled acupuncturist with many years of experience practicing in China and Alaska.  Every time I describe my symptoms, she knows exactly where to needle.  Her technique is superb and I hardly ever feel the needles. She really listens and treats you with dignity, respect and kindness.  Her laugh is addictive and puts me at ease right away the first time I met her.  Dr. Liang helps me not only with acupuncture but offers a lot of wisdom on how to live mindfully and how to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.  I highly recommend Dr. Liang to anyone looking for an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine doctor.---Jiasong, Bellingham














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Chinese acupuncture in Bellingham